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If paying by check is necessary, please contact us. No Refunds for teams who do not show or who cancel within 30 days of tournament. $100 Non Refundable application fee will apply to those canceling prior to 30 days after registration.

U20 Division

Boch Militia Full Tropics
Crows Freezers
EC Militia Thrashers
Knights CCHG
Leprechauns Foxboro Stars
NE Storm Storm Surge
Duck Hunters Elite Hockey
Mass Attack Boch Militia Split

2003 Division

Blackhawks Coastal Clippers
Crows EC Militia
Jr. Blues Leprechauns
Mass Attack Panthers
Seahawks T.H.E.

2005 Division

Black Knights Crows
Jr. Terriers Leprechauns Green
Leprechauns White Mass Edge
Squires Team NE

2007 Division

EC Militia Leprechauns
Mass Edge Revolution

U16 Divison

EC Militia Tropics
Crows Knights
Mass Edge Militia
Leprechauns Foxboro Stars
Crimson NH Granitemen
Raptors Duck Hunters
Foxboro Green Team NE
T.H.E. Storm Surge
Seahawks CCHG

2004 Division

Boch Militia CP Dynamo
Crows EC Militia
Leprechauns Team NE

2006 Division

Crimson Crows
EC Militia Jr. Blues
Mass Edge Team NE

2008 Division

Bandits Crows
EC Militia Leprechauns

East Coast Militia Hockey Rodman Arena